Kashmir Morel Mushrooms/Guchchi

Natives of Kashmir uses Guchchi in their cuisine which is very famous in the state and in all the Himalayan regions of India. It is so expensive as it grows only in the specific areas. Guchchi is a type of fungi which is also known as morel. It is also known as sponge mushroom, and it belongs to the Morella fungus family.



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Morel Mushroom/Guchchi has a rigid conical body cone with a sponge cap. It is usually grown on logs of decayed wood and leaves, stumps, or humous soil. At a low height it is usually black in color. As it grows, Guchchi turns brown to brackish or white color. Considered as a delicacy, it is in great demand in many parts all over the world. Ideal time for the Guchchi to grow is the season of snow followed by hail and thunderstorms.

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  • Guchhi’s are rich in minerals, have a high iron content and are a great source of Vitamin D.
  • It is low in fat, and high in antioxidants. Contains a lot of fibre, which absorbs bile acids in the body and prevents the formation of cholestrol.
  • It is known to improve liver function as well.
  • The nutrients contained in sponge mushrooms help maintain a steady blood-glucose level throughout the day, this in turn helps in reducing binge eating and unnecessary snacking.

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